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Hi, Diane.

I’m really sorry I didn’t see this earlier today, I know it’s really late there now, but I was away all afternoon and never had a chance to look at the forum.
As far as the ‘heavy’ meal you ate, normally it’s best for those with Candida to eat rather light meals more often rather than heavy meals which are really never good for the indigestion, especially when it’s already under stress. You did eat a lot of protein today as well, the coconut four has a lot of protein with all the eggs, small piece of sardine, boiled egg, yogurt, two chicken drumsticks, tuna, kefir, and then an egg omelet. You might consider having at least one meal containing nothing but a salad and some green vegetables, and one piece of the coconut bread won’t hurt this meal. Just a suggestion. I normally have one meal a day with a very low protein count, normally the last meal of the day, but not, depends on whether or not I’ll be eating out.

It’s interesting that you ate garam masala with your meal, the reason I found that interesting is because of its anti-inflammatory properties which of course are good for any type of pain, even indigestion.

By the way, the pain you described doesn’t sound like a die-off symptom.

Were you able to purchase the Betaine HCL (Hydrochloride)? If not, when you can get it this will help with all sorts of indigestion, especially if you’re using the grape bitters as well. If you look for the HCL, look for this name “Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) With Pepsin.”

In all honesty I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what the pain stemmed from, but considering your day, unless it’s something that has nothing to do with Candida at all, my guess would be that it was an indigestion problem.

How was the chicken with coconut flour breading? I tried it a few times myself, once with deep fried chicken livers which I normally love, but I didn’t find it that great myself, even though I’ll probably prepare it again just to avoid wheat flour. The only thing I really liked was, and don’t laugh at me, but it was chicken gizzards breaded with coconut flour and deep fried. But I did use a lot of sea salt as well a load of Tony’s Creole Seasoning. Fantastic.

Hope you’re feeling better by Friday.