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Dear Able,

The thing is this morning as soon as I took the coconut bread, I felt nauseous, after that I took thie Betaine and I got heart burn which in turn spread to my back and kept moving. I also had burning sensation going all the way up to my mouth. I was also getting dizzy spells, I guess associated with indigestion and heart burn and I really started to get really frightened. Especially after reading the symptoms and dangers of dyspepsia! So i had no idea what to do so I went to buy some almond milk and happily I found it! I took a glass and I got a bad dizzy spell! I could still stand and walk but, that could be a reaction to the almonds after all it is an antifungal! After that the heart burn subsided considerably and the pain has become somewhat dull, happily, however I feel very weak and unsteady.

I have no desire to eat anything, I am too frightened that it will have some sort of effect. Plus, yogurt, bio kefir belong to the acidic family??? so i guess i have been eating a generous amount of foods tht are acidic. The most frightening part of all this is not knowing exactly what is going on in my body and feeling so foggy!

No I dont have any digestive bitters, im afraid I ordered them some 3 weeks before I left but they take very long to arrive. I expect I will have them when I get back home!

The reason I am afraid to take the antifungals and probiotics because they might lend themselves to providing an acidic environment!

The thing about visiting a dr here is a little bit tricky and I hope I wont have to do that, i am still in Italy, wont be home till next Wednesday!

Am i being fussy or is this a scary place to be? The stage im in that is?

Thanks Able