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You’re still on your holiday, aren’t you? If so, I want you to stop worrying about die-off symptoms until the holiday is over, at least that’s what I would do. There’s plenty of time to experience die-off afterwards. You see me laughing, right?

Yes sir captain I say with a huge grin on my face

Yes I hear the tone of your sentence and I totally appreciate it!

Quote”By the way, I don’t remember you ever really described the extent of that particular die-off experience as far as symptoms go”.

I believe I did, however I will gladly redescribe them, lower abdominal pain, i think lower intestine, no desire to eat, flu like symptoms, no energy whatsoever not even to hang the clothes. Extremely weak, what I wrote in my diary, terrible abdominal pains and that was on the 12th July to be exact. I remember feeling really sick for about 36 hours.

Now stop thinking about Candida and go do something eccitare (hope I spelled that right). Nearly perfect, eccitante is the correct spelling.