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Dear Able,

This is my 2nd post today, unfortunaley the discomfort is persisting. Today I decided to lessen my intake of proteins or at least not have so much at one time, so this morning I just had a yogurt

At about 12 i had two slices of coconut bread with goat butter and immediately afterwards had the Betaine as well as msm and 5 drops of oil of oregano and immediately afterwards I had that mild shake as well it did not feel good, that is something was happening in my upper abdominal, i.e right under my chest! It is also moving to my back, I also get a mild burning sensation there too. I wish I could indicate exactly where so you could get a clear picture. After I took the betaine i got heartburn. The sensations I am having were present before I started the diet, however I have not felt them for a very long time, so I really dont know whats going on now.
Have I eaten too much protein causing some sort of unbalance in my system?

Able, sorry for barraging you like this, i am really starting to see no end to this struggle, I was doing so well, eating and feeling ok and now this, I feel that the past 5 weeks have almost been for nothing! Really dont know what to think, quite desperate actually!!

Any suggestions, I think it would be wise to stop all proteins and antifungals at this point what do you think?