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Dear Able,

I agree with you re the cleanse, infact I wont be doing it again, I am taking 72 billion probiotics per day i.e 12 x 2, 3 times a day!

I increased the oil of oregano to 10 drops a day and i will gradually increase to 15. Still have problem with constipation, so ver annoying.

Ok i guess thats all for now, by the way,I found this on internet, caglio is rennet however i have no idea which of the enzymes aregood or bad.

Yes Umbria is beautiful, today we went to Assisi what a magnificent silent city inspite of all the tourists. I definitely want to go back. The basilica of st francis is amazing, the streets re just something else and although there are quite a few shops it did not feel terribly commercial.

Thanks for asking