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Hello Able,

The Digestive Bitters are on their way, I ordered them from Amazon however they are going to take very long to get here.

Yes I ‘ve had IBS for at least 18 years, so I guess as you said its going to make it a little bit more difficult.

I used the oil of oregano and hey presto it worked, so happy it did. I just took one drop in the morning and one drop in the evening and its enough.

No its not such a problem for me not to eat almonds or any nuts, I am so fed up of being constipated I will do anything, over 20 years of suffering from constipation enough is enough.

Have another question I know that preferably I should not have any grains and no rice, I bought some thai rice noodles which are gluten and wheat free. They are made from organic rice flour and water, is that a no go or is it safe to try?

By the way I also bought the MSM and had one with my lunch as well as the betaine HCI, so far so good. Actually my stomach is happily digesting for a change. Oh it feels so good to not have to always have discomfort.

Thanks Able

have a great weekend