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Hi Able,

Thank you for your very long email!

Last night I woke up and attempted to go to the toilet and somehow even though I was very wobbly and extremely dizzy, I made it to the toilet! I must admit that I was quite frightened! Happily I went back to sleep and in the morning I woke up to find the dizziness had vanished and that i could walk straight literally straight to the bathroom!

I took my probiotic and and hour later had an egg and two slices of bread and had no reaction, no nausea or dizziness when i ate! I ate very slowly and enjoyed every morsel! After bfast i had a tablespoon of coconut oil and though i must admit that its not too pleasant its not so bad! I will work my way up to as many spoonfuls as you :), hopefully. I also took the other antifungal the oil of oregano!

At lunch time i had some green lettuce, two more slices of bread, another egg and a tomatoe, (unfortunately the organic store here has limited sorts of vegetables available so its pretty much the same thing every day) this time I had some nausea but only slightly, nothing compared to yesterdag absolutely no comparision! That only means that I have to remove one food next time round!
Some time later I had some roasted pumpkin seeds and no effect on my tum tum. Very pleased to report all this to you dear Able!
I am so grateful, deeply grateful to be able to communicate with you! I am not entirely sure that it was indigestion but the symptoms that I have are very close to what you described so its probably GERD. At least thats what I hope and all that you described about change of environment and change of system makes perfect logical sense.

As I said above I will keep taking my yogurt, probiotics and kefir, yesterday was just one of those days and the one before where any bite I took made me dizzy. However, yesterdat that almond milk was my saviour although as soon as i took a sip it made me extremely dizzy, however the burning and pain stopped almost immediately!

Thats all for now and once again thanks a million