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Hello, Diane.

The Betaine HCL you purchased will break down plant fiber/roughage in your stomach and therefore should help with bloating. A lot of people believe that raw vegetables cause them to have gas and bloating, but the real reason is that their HCL level is too low. When it’s low, it can affect the metabolism of the entire body which means that you won’t be able to digest your food as well. Other than aging, another reason that the HCL can become low is the diet, such as too many wheat products along with too much animal protein. If the HCL amount that you had was already low when you contracted Candida, then it may take a while to build up the amount again. Be sure to take it after every meal and snack.

Also, if you were able to get the Digestive Grape Bitters, they not only will help with bloating, but they’re also used for digestive problems and chronic constipation. I know all of this can seem very expensive sometimes, but remember that you’re not going to be spending a ton of money on antifungals as most Candida sufferers end up doing. No one can cure Candida by killing the Candida off alone, the environment of the body has to be changed, and that’s what you’re doing.

If I remember correctly, you already had IBS before you contracted Candida, so unfortunately this means that it may be more difficult for you to get past this stage of curing the Candida than without IBS.

By the way, Diane, I noticed that you’re eating almonds; any type of nut will make it more difficult to stop the constipation. Substituting an avocado or the coconut bread would be more beneficial. I know you’d love to just scream at me sometimes when I do that, so if it helps, go ahead, it won’t be the first time. =)