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About the intolerance factor; you’re basically intolerant of any food that will feed the Candida.

The 5-billion count in your probiotic could be a lot higher; more strains can also be found in different brands. Ultimate Flora Critical Colon BifidoMAX 80 Billion Probiotic with 14 strains is just one brand. Taking one capsule a day for a week or two, then moving up to two capsules morning and night on an empty stomach is usually enough.

Stepping up the probiotics may produce die-off symptoms, and if the probiotics do not, the antifungal you add later certainly can. If you want to prevent or greatly reduce these symptoms, the following information will be helpful:

Native Remedies makes and sells a product for die-off by the name of Candidate, but Amazon also carries it, and the price is actually a little cheaper.…d=1310136260&sr=1-1

In addition to the Candidate you can also use one which both iHerb and Amazon carries by the name of Chelated Molybdenum. It can be found in many health food or vitamin shops as well.

You might also try adding organic unsweetened yogurt to your diet.

To address the oral thrush directly, read the post I added today under “General Discussion” titled Oral Thrush.