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Dear Able,

Thank you once again for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately today I feel really demotivated, it seems like my symptoms i.e my stomach, the lower part are still there.
Maybe me I am expecting too much too soon, I have had such a good 7 days almost completely free of pain that I didnt expect it to come rushing back so quickly. Its not as bad as it used to be however I still I have a feeling of, i wouldnt call it bloated but the feeling that I need to go and I cant. So my intestines just wont stop. Grrrrr I am so fed up. Maybe I was naive and ate too much.
I starved myself for 7 days so I was really looking forward to having a slice of bread.
8.00am had slice of bread with olive oil and an omelet with garlic and thyme
10.30am had an organic goat yogurt
14.00 one slice of bread with olive oil
17.30 a small glass of kefir
18.30 a salad with avocado olive oil lemon and garlic dressing
21.00 organic yogurt

I ate all the right things in small quantities, nothing was over done, the omelet had only one egg.
Maybe there were too many different things in one day. I had yogurt throughout the whole cleanse because it was too much for me to bear besides it was a probiotic which I felt I needed and it didnt hurt a bit. I am thinking that it might be the baking powder, however as you correctly put it, its such a small amount in comparison with all the other ingredients. Dunno, just dunno.

With regards to the Probiotics I think I may just have found the right thing in the Netherlands, one with a 12 strain blend and I dont think it needs to be refrigerated. I think this is it I also found some Multi vitamins Rainbow Light, Just Once, Women’s Food Based Multivitamin
Hope the ingredients are right.
Anyway I am off to bed now its way past my bed time.
Tomorrow is a new day I will see what it has to offer me.

Hope you are well

Warm regards

p.s thanks again 🙂