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Hello, Diane.

As far as when you should start the supplements, I’ll leave that up to you after you’ve read how to take them below, but I would at least start the Betain HCI after your next meal.

Here is how you should take the supplements that you have.

Calcium: Calcium dissolves quicker when taken with either milk lactate or vinegar. Since on a Candida diet you’re not drinking milk, the best choice would be to take one pill (always following a meal as food helps it to dissolve) with apple cider vinegar mixed in water or juice.

Vitamin A & D: These two vitamins are oil soluble, so you should take them following a meal which contains an average amount of oils or fats.

Betain HCI: There are various instructions on how to take this supplement, some of which are somewhat complicated and troublesome; I consider the instructions far too time consuming for me. The manufacturer’s instructions are to simply take one capsule after each meal.

If you’re interested in the more complicated instructions, you can read those here: These instructions emphasize knowing whether one has an acid or alkaline stomach, and therefore contain the following statement, “It is therefore unwise to jump to conclusions regarding what’s occurring in the stomach without actual testing.” However, anyone suffering from Candida can be certain that they do not have an acidic environment, otherwise, the Candida would not exist as an infestation, and a non-acidic environment simply means that the HCI supplement is needed.

The following instructions are much simpler.

The foods that one normally would eat on a Candida diet (green vegetables) are alkalizing foods, even Stevia and sea salt will add to the alkalization of the body, whereas most of the foods that one should not be eating, like corn, rice, potatoes, flour and wheat products are acid forming, so the normal Candida diet, for the most part, is a more alkalizing diet than acidic. Of course, with Candida, as well as for good health, what one needs is a more acidic environment than what this diet allows because the only certain way to destroy the Candida fungus is by creating a more balanced acidic/alkaline environment, which means adding more acid forming foods or supplements to the diet. This is another reason (besides aiding the digestion) to take HCI, because in addition to being a digestive juice which breaks down proteins, it’s also a protective barrier against potentially harmful micro-organisms in the food we eat and produces acid in the stomach.

By the way, fortunately meats and most oils are acid forming, and this is also why one needs additional flora in the body since good bacteria will create a more acidic environment.

Glad to see you have the coconut bread standing by, Diane.