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Hi Able,

how are you?

Today is my first day of stage one! Happily I got your coconut bread recipe and I baked it yesterday and I had it this morning together with an omelet.

So far so good, my only concern is that the baking powder is a powder that is scraped of wine making vats. Its called wijnsteen zuur poeder, (dont try to pronounce that cause you might get your tongue in a twist 🙂 ). The translation I found is as follows: total tartaric acid and its definition is this: the total tartrates in must or wine,expressed as tartaric acid. The ingredients are all natural but its still derived from grapes, so that leaves me uncertain. I couldn’t find any other baking powder, any suggestions?

My other question is that when I tried to buy the Probiotic-10™ 50 Billion – 50 Vcaps, the supplier, strongly suggests to choose a stabilised probiotic because the one mentioned above needs to be refrigerated and it might lose a lot of its benefits during transit. I checked the other ones, that is the ones that dont need to be refrigerated, however they have very little strains.

I looked up Ultimate Flora Critical Colon Bifido Max by Renew Life and even though it needs to be refrigerated, there are no comments about this one. So I thought of just ordering it however I am not sure if it too will lose benefits during transit. What do you think?

One more question, I need to order a multivitamin, when I looked up the ingredients some have a multitude of them and I still dont know what is safe to ingest and what isnt!! I am sending you the links, perhaps you could take a look and give any suggestions. I also found a good probiotic I think:,

Hey Able, I am sorry to bombard you in this way, I am still new so ingredients are still very confusing.

thanks a million