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Hi, Able,
Coconut, and therefore coconut flour is alkalizing. So is the coconut oil if that’s what you used, as well as sea salt, the eggs are acidic, so you had a nice mixture of both in the bread. No, I dont use coconut oil, I use olive oil, in your recipe, the ingredients are ghee and olive oil and I use olive oil! Is the coconut bread all you had this morning? Yes that was all i ate!

Look at the information below and see if it describes your problem. It concerns gastro-esophageal reflux disease, often referred to as GERD. 

Symptoms of GERD can include pain in the high abdomen or chest area which often will move upward toward the mouth. A lot of people have chest pain with or without the burning sensation. Sometimes the chest pain can move down the arms, neck, or jaw, and often there’s also either a mild stomach pain or a burning in the stomach, also bloating and belching. GERD can also cause nausea after a meal.   Yes, I have many of the above mentioned symptoms, except that I dont have any neck or jaw or arm pain!  The pain also spreads to my back!

GERD is not at all unusual in people with Candida as it seems to often be a byproduct of the infestation. Regardless of what most people believe, it’s the lack of stomach acids which causes GERD or heartburn. This makes sense when you consider that a lack of stomach acid creates an overgrowth of yeast, and the overgrowth of Candida in the abdomen causes heartburn due to fermentation from the Candida. Have you ever heard of anyone taking loads of Tums to cure themselves completely of heartburn? This is because Tums are an anti-acid.  Does that mean, that what I am experiencing at the moment is full blown candida once again? My goodness what have I done wrong in this past week?

Aside from the above possibility, you might think about reducing the number of different foods that you eat on a daily basis during this stage of the diet. I know that the diet is boring already, but doing this not only cuts down on the possible causes of a problem, but it also cuts down on the possibility of problems in general.  What do you mean by this exactly?  Should i take different foods on different days? I am lost now, I think you need to spell it out to me at this point in time!  Do you mean taking e.g an egg in the morning 
Two slices of bread later on in the day! Some yogurt later on, then some salad and veggies early afternoon then once again taking some veggies in the evening? And just having chicken or fish twice a week? Can you elaborate please?  I dont mind that its boring Able, I want to get well so I will do whatever it takes.  I am grateful to have found you and your valuable advice and knowledge!

ILL. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, IM SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING SICK AND TIRED AND THIS IS REALLY A KILL JOY DURING MY HOLIDAY NOT TO MENTION THAT OF MY PARTNER, sorry for the caps Im not shouting at you or any thing like that, I hope I dont come across like that, just letting of some steam!

If you’re going to try and limit the acids in your diet, you may consider that you’re taking high doses of probiotics which create an acidic environment in the intestines and stomach (that’s how it kills off the Candida). Not that I’m trying to convince you to do this, but to let you see how it can have adverse reactions in your treatment.  Not sure exactly what you mean by this last sentence

thanks for giving me so much valuable advice

Warm regards