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Glad to hear you’re feeling better today, Diane, as well as hungry. I hope you were able to find something good and healthful to eat. Do you eat avocados? They make an excellent snack or even a healthy salad as a meal. Am I correct in thinking that they are available in the Netherlands?

Do you eat fish? I know we all are aware of the mercury content of fish now, but the fish that have lived a longer life have a much greater chance of accumulating mercury than younger fish. The smaller, younger fish, such as sardines and herring, are likely to be free of mercury accumulation. I use an internet company by the name of VitalChoice for supplying these two types of fish. This company sells only “seafood of consistent purity, as shown by government or independent tests.”

Also, the coconut bread can be a life saver for meals as well as the times that you simply don’t know what to eat. Always having boiled eggs on hand are another good and quick choice.

Have a good night.
By the way, my name is Sean.