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Diane wrote: But still a more recent discovery was the use of enzymes that are derived from the cultures of certain molds. These of course are a microbe or microbial type of rennet, and they’re usually used in the production of cheese which contains no animal products. Actually I doubt that this type of cheese is produced in any country other than the USA, meaning I doubt it’s what you have in Italy. The reason for my doubt stems from a statement I found declaring that any Kraft Swiss cheese not labeled “Imported” was probably made with microbial rennet.


I wrote two more posts before this one

I just checked the ingredients of the other goat cheese we have and it says microbial rennet. So its also used in Italy, possibly because the animal rennet is getting scarce or something like that.

By the way are protease, chymosin, pepsin and lipase good enzymes?

Just thought i would let you know