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Hello Able,

Yes, I agree with you, I did eat more than my digestive system could take. Today I decided to go much slower, so I really reduced my intake drastically to:
a glass of water with olive oil and a dash of lemon
an organic yogurt
A very hot clay bath which was really soothing but almost unbearable
A two egg omelet with garlic and thyme
Nibbled some almonds
i plan to take some kefir soon
And another yogurt and thats it for today
Plenty of water

The good news is that this morning, I suddenly realised why I had the pain in the lower abdomen, it was bowel movement and unfortunatley I am very constipated but I persisted and VICTORY was mine. Happily I got rid of more of the rubbery stuff. After that the feeling in my lower abdomen was still there, however when I lie down it subsides considerably. Its not really painful its more of a dull feeling. I suppose I will just have to be patient and see what happens. After all I cant expect the pathogen that has been with me for so long to suddenly disappear.

“I still can’t open the “untilmatehealth’ link, sorry”.   I will send you the ingredients

“I was able to open the multi-vitamin link, and I hope you haven’t already purchased that one”, whoops, I already did.  I read the ingredients several times, I looked for yeast and soy however because I am so inexperienced, I dont really know how good or bad the other ingredients are. What should I look for and what should I avoid?  Even though I shall follow your sound advice and take my supplements individually.

Quote” Pay attention to labels and be sure that you don’t purchase any product which contains enzymes in the ingredients. That’s what the Grape Bitters are for, and they are in a natural form, which in this case means they’ll allow your system to produce its own enzymes in the amount needed for proper digestion”. What would I be looking for, just the word enzymes?

Today I ordered the digestive bitters however unfortunately according to the amazon site it says that the order will be processed within 5 days and may take up to 20 days to arrive. I go for my holidays in less than two weeks :(. Just have to have patience,  something I don’t have much of.

I guess thats all from my end, one last thing, could I also be having die off symptoms?

Once again thanks for your support, your advice and for being there ready two help so many people. It means alot to me.
It feels like i have found a friend across the miles.

Warm regards