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Hello, Diane.

Really hoping you’re feeling better today. I’m leaning towards the food you ate yesterday being your main problem. Fasting/detoxing really does make a difference in taking away the sluggishness that a lot of people experience when eating several times a day, and you probably didn’t realize how much that feeling had diminished until it was back. The other thing is, even though you didn’t really overdo it with the amount of food, it was still a lot more than you had been used to for the past week, and your digestion wasn’t used to handling that amount of solid foods. I don’t suppose you have the ‘Grape Bitters’ yet, but when you receive those, they should help with digestion problems.

I still can’t open the “untilmatehealth’ link, sorry.

I was able to open the multi-vitamin link, and I hope you haven’t already purchased that one. There are many reasons why I would leave it alone. The worst being; it contains several enzymes which your should not take at all. Celluase, for example, is an enzyme which will break down the cellulose in the vegetables you eat into simple sugars which in turn will create a food source for the Candida (notice the difference in the way cellulase and cellulose are spelled). By the way, the human body does not make cellulase at all.

Pay attention to labels and be sure that you don’t purchase any product which contains enzymes in the ingredients. That’s what the Grape Bitters are for, and they are in a natural form, which in this case means they’ll allow your system to produce its own enzymes in the amount needed for proper digestion.

Another reason not to purchase this product is that it contains beneficial bacteria, but only the one strain which will throw the balance way off once you purchases a good probiotic.

Yet another reason to leave these alone is the amount of B vitamins that it contains, the ratio of the vitamins is so far off that they shouldn’t be allowed to sell these. Look at the percentages of the daily values of the B vitamins. For example, they contain 1677% of the daily value of vitamin B1. On the other hand, it contains only 50% of the daily value of Biotin, a B vitamin which is extremely important when you have Candida. If you take the B vitamins in such outlandish amounts as this, you will definitely disrupt the balance which is supposed to be in your system for good health and to fight infections.

Thes are the reasons that I never take a multiple vitamin, I always purchase my supplements individually where possible. The probiotic will produce the B vitamins in your system once you get it started. If you want to purchase a B vitamin later on, the most important one for fighting Candida is Biotin, but please don’t take this until you’ve started the probiotic.

Let me know how you’re feeling today if you have time.