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Vegan Catlady
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Probiotics made me deathly ill when I took 15 billion (teenage to adult dosage). I have to take a kid-sized dose, people on this forum tried to tell me it was die-off, but that wasnt at all the case.

Eggs are extremely constipating.

High protein diets, like the Candida Diet (when meat is the base of the meal because carbs are cut out and not enough veggies balance out the total calories) tax the kidneys considerably.

Most people will find the common denominator with people who have been on this diet for years is a high protein diet.
Its my personal opinion that it should not take years to heal this, probably more likely a year at most.

If we consider that the kidneys are responsible for toxin elimination, and now have the additional burden of a high protein diet, you can see where the resulting fatigue could potentially and likely lower the immune system which is responsible for naturally ridding the body of excess candida.

Just food for thought.