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Thank you both for your replies, both of your experiences with mould sound terrible, hopefully, with your knowledge, I’ll be able to sort the problem out to stop it getting to such an extreme stage.

Raster I do notice feeling better out of the house, but only after a large amount of time, for example after a day of work. It’s more the deterioration of my health being at home which makes me suspicious, after an hour of having been home I can already feel myself begining to hyperventilate.

About 10 years ago a pipe burst in our house and damp became so bad we had to move out while industrial dehumidifiers dried it out, I can only assume a mould problem would be connected to that?

I will definitely look into air purifiers. Mould is not visible in our house so I assume UV lights would be no use? I am planning on cleaning everything in our house this weekend and have contacted my nutritionist for further advice as to what to do.

S., I’m glad you mentioned the home test kits as I was about to order one. How was the air quality tested in your house? Your poor cat :(. Our dog was very unwell for many years with similar skin problems to my own, I wonder if that would be related…

I’m so sorry that mould ruined both your lives, thank you so much for helping me stop it from ruining mine.