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Ashlay wrote: Can we get more input on this guys? These topics seem to get ignored… Not quite sure why?

Are these treatments effective/recommended?

Anymore info on them??



I am experimenting with S. Boulardii since 12 days ago. I stopped all the antifungals but keep the diet. Unfortunately, the Vitamin Shoppe stores close to me don’t have it now and I had to re-order it. I used the Nutriecology brand because I have found other brands that have Maltodextrin that is prohibit. I took 3 450 mg capsules a day (around 9 billons each) the results have been awesome. My reference is the amount of white threads I pass in stool when the treatment is working and they have passed a lot with S. Boulardii. More than with any antifungal. My intestinal cramps and noises are almost 0 now (things that I have treated with all without this result)

S. Boulardii is the most studied probiotic in the world. It is a yeast that offer temporary but invasive colonization releasing Lactic Acid, Capric Acid and other beneficial substances to the gut. It is thought that because its antipathogenic effects the friendly flora re-growth during its colonization. It is the only probiotic able to neutralize the C. Difficile toxins in the colon and take them out, better than LGG.

I will continue with it as soon as I get the order. I am also doing enemas. I have read about many people who have reached a cure that have used enemas. In fact, yesterday, reviewing Curezone archives I found more than 10 testimonies of cured people who have done enemas.
I always thought that candida affects the small bowel more than the colon, but after reading the experience of some pioneer Drs such as Dr. Galland, and my own experience passing mucous and white formations after enemas, I am sure they are a great value during a treatment.
I am very excited with S. Boulardii and the chelation protocol I am following. This is the first time I see solid results and feel this will end at all.