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kodaz2005;40192 wrote:

I just ordered some and it’s arriving tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

I really spent a decent amount of time comparing the ingredients and pricing of each of these SB options before ordering. The product you purchased jarrow’s SB with Moss is much better buy for the money, but the maltodextrin is a sugar and that just worried me too much. Good to hear the SB enemas have provided some help. Maybe you just need to switch brands.

The other thing people need to be careful with is, many of the companies selling this SB product claim it doesn’t require refrigeration. I personally wouldn’t purchase it from any company not keeping the product refrigerated. I actually purchased the Jarrow’s SB from Amazon a couple of years ago and they shipped in regular packaging with no ice pack. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get anything out of it.

That is awesome news it will be great to hear how it works out for you.

Did you get the Nutricology brand? If so I just bought it as well and it will be here thursday for me so I’m pretty amped about that too. Yes Jarrow did a switcheroo and reformulated their products taking out the maltodextrin it’s funny how they never really broadcasted that, I’m sure it’s related to profit risk. MOS is a sugar as well though so the Jarrow altogether is still a no go for me.

Yea I read on another site that “short term heat exposure” for SB is acceptable but there’s no telling how long when it’s being shipped so they should definitely at least keep it stored with an ice-pack for customer assurance. Which brand did you use, and you said it had absolutely no effect?