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dvjorge;40329 wrote:

You, guys, are wasting your money and won’t get any result if you take S. Boulardii with the antifungals, no matter if you take them 12 hours away.

S. Boulardii must colonize your gut to eliminate candida. Gut colonization to its maximum level is achieved after 72 hours of administration, then, you need to keep supplementing it diary to keep this level.

S. Boulardii is very susceptible to antifungals but it will be your antifungal against candida.

Bottom line, you can not take any antifungal if you want this treatment works. It will do very well if you do the things right.



I’ll give your idea a good month or so without the antifungals and I think that should be enough time to see if that works. I respect your opinion since you did come on here and make everyone aware that you believe this SB was a strong ally in this fight.

I have a question though. I read that SB doesn’t colonize iteself, but rather assists the healthy bacteria in colonizing. If we aren’t taking other probiotics with the SB, would our diminished levels of healthy bacteria be enough to colonize?

I am not sure 1 month is enough to recover using S. Boulardii. I will be longer time on it.

S. Boulardii don’t colonize the gut permanently neither current pharmaceutical grade probiotics do.

Both help during continued supplementation.


I certainly didn’t think a month would be long enough. I was just thinking I would certainly notice any positive changes within a month and be able to make decision if I should continue. It certainly seems very promising base on what others have experienced though.