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I have been experimenting with different supplements under the advisement of my doctors and while the leg cramps have not disappeared entirely yet, they have become less frequent and less severe. I was already taking plenty of vitamin and mineral supplements along with drinking lots of water. The additional steps which seemed to help are:

Increased consumption of approved foods high in natural potassium and magnesium (this is not always easy and many are forbidden, but I try to eat as much spinach, avocado, plain yogurt, pine nuts and tuna as possible) Getting it naturally definitely works better than the supplements.

I have also added a potassium iodine liquid health supplement and quinine as I was told they were very good for cramps.

As I said, they are not gone completely but have been much less frequent and less severe. I believe the only times I still get them is when I don’t eat enough food with natural potassium and magnesium.

I hope this helps anyone else out there experiencing this issue.