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JayBahr wrote: So I’ve been on this cleanse for 8 days now, and I actually feel like I’m loosing my mind. Is this normal? I’m on an emotional roller coaster ride from hell. I’ve never felt this down and depressed in my life,I can’t stop crying, and having panic attacks has anyone else experienced this ?

Please let me know.

Yes, I have. I like to share some knowledgeable with might help you if you take it to your heart.

When I experienced my first panic attack while being on the candida diet I was 49 years old. I never had any depression, anxiety or panic attacks in my life. If you feel you get mad that is only a thought and has nothing to do with reality.

There are chemicals playing around in you and you can watch them. But you are not your feelings, remember that. Look at them. Fear and depression is coming and going but you are here to watch it. Thoughts are coming and going but you are there and see them and hear them coming and going. But you are stable. The moment panic and feelings can take you over is by you believing the thoughts. What you are is peace, is being all the rest are illusions (thought patterns) or symptoms. You are not your symptoms either. They too come and go but you are here and watch them.

How to deal with all of that. If you get an attack see yourself as a bus driver. You allow the customers coming and going but you don’t hook up with them. Watch them and you see that in truth you are peace, the witness and suffering is suffering but believing that its you who is suffering is not true. Meditate on it and find the quite little peace in you and act out of that.

You will notice that you are peace full but your body is freaking out. Yes, but you can help your body with a technic called EFT. Google for it, there is tons of free material on the net. Then you can use your breathing to calm down the body.
Did you notice that I didnt write, calming down yourself? You are peace but the body is freaking out. Get him some peace with breathing.

Breath in on the count of 2 …hold breath on count of 4….breath out to the count of 8.

When you get real good with it you can higher the numbers to 4 , 8, 16 etc.

This is called the healing breath and is used in Buddhist traditions for healing.

all the best