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kelandu wrote: I feel sorry for newbies to candida. when I first diagnosed myself ( docs didnt believe me)> I searched the web for answers. I first came across a woman called Bee ? she insisted you live on nothing but organic meat and green veg. Also lots of salt water etc. it was way to strict for me and not feasable. Some advice is way too much and some too slack. Its taken a long time to find what works for me. I think the answer is to find the middle ground and use tester foods in small amounts occasionally. It just angers me that so many people out there are after screwing ill people for everything they have got.

Me too, I followed her diet for 3 month and collapsed. If you read my first letter here in the forum, you get an idea what that stupid meat and fat diet is doing to you. In that night when I collapsed with a panic attack and a total freaked out nervous system I found that forum here.

You are right it is a djungle out there.