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I also drink nettle tea… actually a nettle infusion. It has made my (terrible) allergies vanish and it is absolutely delicious! I was actually coming onto the forum to share my new favorite drink (on this diet) which is a nettle infusion tea heated up with some yacon syrup and almond milk. If you heat up the tea, add the yacon syrup and almond milk, then heat it up even more, it creates an almost frothy drink. Not to mention stinging nettle is a wonder-herb and can treat practically anything, including fatigue. I find that having a mug of this in the morning really does pick me up. Here is a link to some of the many many health benefits of nettles.

And here’s a website that sells yacon syrup:

To make an infusion fill a quart jar with 7 tbs (or a few tablespoons less, seven is more a “treatment”) dried nettle leaf (from your health food store), add boiling water (I let it cool for about a minute just in case), put the lid back on the jar, and let steep overnight. In the morning strain the leaves and refrigerate.