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Hi Susan,

I don’t like the taste or smell of coconut oil either. When I first started I took coconut oil softgels that I purchased from Vitamin shoppe in 120 capsule size (never saw another size offered). But, the daily dose they suggested isn’t enough. I think it takes about 14 capsules to equal one tablespoon worth of coconut oil so it isn’t really feasible to take it in replacement of coconut oil. Besides that I’m not sure that the softgel coating is a safe product or not either.

One of the ways I got the coconut oil in was to add it to my foods. I cooked my eggs and other foods in it and pored any leftover in pan on top of eggs or whatever meat I was eating. I would put a tablespoon overtop of my vegetables instead of using butter like I use to do. Some people add a tablespoon into sauces, soups, drinks and use it in baking. Anyway you can think of to get it in.

It may help you to start with a small amount at a time and work your way up. Maybe a teaspoon at a time and chase it with something. Sorry, but it is key to helping you with Candida and you definitely want to work towards getting it into your diet.

Best wishes,