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impossible;52506 wrote: Upset stomach/nausea is a common symptom of SAMe, in most it does eventually go away. The bad symptoms that are cause for reducing or stopping useage are anxiety, insomia, mania etc. 1600 mgs is ALOT. Im not saying to go against your docs advice at all, but dont be surprised if you run into those symptoms and dont hesitate to back off if you do. If taking that much you NEED to have your homocysteine checked.

Thank You impossible,

The Doctor at that practice is not the one I normally see. I went in with acute headaches and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) flairing. Along with suggesting increasing SAMe he also suggested a homeopathic remedies and gave me Sulphur 30c 3 pellets every few hours as needed. I am not so big a fan of homeopathic remedies. I was somewhat better but tonight headaches are back and they are worse when I lay down. I am not a person who has ever suffered with headaches. I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I think that may be my headache source. It is so very hard for me to find a dentist that is holistic enough for me but I am trying my 5th one but digress that is another post and a long story.
I will call and discuss my dose with that DO Doctor who suggested the SAMe and perhaps get Homocysteine levels tested before increasing over 800 mg. I have suffered with insomnia for some time don’t want to make it any worse.

I only got back on SAMe at 400 mg to support my liver and prepare for the Candida Diet which am about to begin.

How does taking SAMe affect Homocysteine levels? Or why might one not want to take if they have elevated Homocysteine?