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I was going to order the E, A and D3 that you mentioned but one of them had soy bean oil in it and was thinking that might not be good for candida. I am taking the C though.

I will try to find a cream but my main goal is to cure it so I don’t have to put on this cream. This problem just popped up about a year ago and before then I had nice clear skin my whole life.

I experienced some feelings of nausea and weakness the first week or so but since then I haven’t really had any feelings of die off.

I have seen a bunch of Doc including 3 dermatologists and they all say there is no cure for facial seborrheic dermatitis. But I know western medicine is greatly flawed and they all follow the same medical practices so I don’t believe my condition is incurable. I believe it is candida related. My next step is to try to go to a natural path / homeopath doc and get some feed back from them.

The extreme gassy feeling is also something that should be subsiding but hasn’t.

So any thoughts on the soy bean oil?

Have you heard of any really good natural paths docs in Southern California or know or have any ideas? I know my medical insurance wont cover it so if I am going to go blow a few hundred I want to make sure it is really worth it.

Thanks Able