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Thanks for your response!

I don’t eat that much animal protein… generally one small serving a day for dinner and occasionally for lunch as well. I eat eggs for breakfast every day. The thing I was having quite often as a snack was brown rice cakes with almond butter – and I’m cutting back on those because I know the least amount of grains I have the better.

I struggle a LOT with this diet because I’m a nurse and I work 12 hour shifts. I need the energy to function at a high level (mentally and physically) all day long. That’s why I feel like I need the grains… without them, it’s hard to function on veggies alone. I starve at work if I don’t have some carbs in my system… and I don’t know what else to eat. Any suggestions?

I am all for the yogurt, although another diet/forum really recommends against cow dairy at all. Which is why I’ve had some goat cheese here and there, is because that diet allows it occasionally. The fact that advice from site-to-site is so contradictory makes this diet especially difficult. That diet also recommends nut milks as an alternative to cows milk. If you think I should eliminate almond milk, that’s easy for me. I was only using it about once a week anyway.

This is my probiotic:

I’ve read a bit about food-combining. Some people have suggested elsewhere that I could have a problem digesting if I’m consuming meat at carbs at the same time. Do you think this could be happening with me?

Also, do you think I could be developing sensitivities to these foods since I’m not eating them in a four-day rotation?

Thanks again, so much, for your insight.