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linny wrote: my naturopath is choosing to treat the thryoid AFTER the candida treatment, so I’m left feeling a bit confused as to whether or not my symtoms relate to candida or hypothyroidism!

Hello, and welcome to the forum.

The answer to the above concern is, probably both. I don’t understand why your doctor has refused to treat both your Candida and hypothyroidism at the same time. It’s true that Candida can cause hypothyroidism, and logically hypothyroidism can be cured by treating and removing the Candida infestation, but this is not something that is done overnight, as you are discovering. Meanwhile, you’re suffering from both, which is quite ridiculous considering it isn’t necessary.

Concerning your Candida; it would be a surprise if you were any better than you presently are considering your diet. Any one item on the list below probably wouldn’t be a problem alone, but when you actually combine all of these items, it’s a wonder that the Candida has improved at all.
Almond milk
Gluten-free oats once/twice a week
Brown rice
Brown rice vermicelli (had that a few times in the past month)
Brown rice tortillas
Wild rice
Quinoa (just introduced it yesterday)

Brown rice cakes and crackers
As I stated, any one of these foods would be alright if eaten no more than twice a week, but eating from the entire list is just asking for trouble. I know that brown rice products are ‘allowed’ on a lot of lists, but this much is going to just prolong your treatment period.

While on the Candida diet, with the exceptions of all green vegetables, one should keep the number of different foods eaten at a bare minimum.
Among other factors, the bloating could easily be caused by all the protein you’re trying to digest, namely; Chicken, fish, beef, lamb, eggs, almond milk and cheese.

How many meals a day do you have a source of protein? It would be smarter to add another serving of yogurt during the day instead of all the meat. Eggs also could be increased in order to remove one or two of the meat products. Animal protein, especially meat, is extremely hard on the digestive process, kidneys and liver, on the liver especially during a Candida infestation because it’s already being overworked by the toxins which the Candida infestation is producing.
How many billions of bacteria does your probiotic contain and how many strains? If you will give me the actual name and count I can research it if I haven’t already.

A constant runny nose and mucus are signs that the Candida has moved into your sinuses, which isn’t that unusual if the Candida continues for extended periods of time as it is capable of slowly spreading through the entire body.

You can get your Candida infestation under better control, but I doubt you will unless you make some changes first.