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Hello, Linny. The answers to your questions are below.

Quote:”I don’t know what else to eat. Any suggestions?”

Look for a coconut bread recipe either on the forum under the “recipes” section or you can google the name and bring up lots of recipes. It’s fine to eat the bread three times a day with your meal, and it’s very filling as well as satisfying. As far as snacks are concerned, a slice of coconut bread toasted in the oven with olive oil and herbs on top, or a boiled egg, or even an avocado make tasty, convenient and quick snacks.

Quote: “If you think I should eliminate almond milk, that’s easy for me. I was only using it about once a week anyway.”

As long as you’re drinking almond milk without sugar, I think it would be alright to have once a week, that is, as long as you’re not receiving a reaction from it. As I stated in the first post, either one of the foods would be alright if eaten only once or twice a week, but it’s the combination of so many foods that really aren’t beneficial to a Candida treatment that could potentially present a problem.

About having Candida reactions to food; if you suspect that you’ve experienced a Candida symptom/reaction to a particular food, you should not attempt to eat it again for at least three to four weeks. Then you could try again. A reaction to a particular food normally means that you have eaten something that the Candida was able to use as nourishment.

Quote: “I’ve read a bit about food-combining. Some people have suggested elsewhere that I could have a problem digesting if I’m consuming meat and carbs at the same time. Do you think this could be happening with me?”

I would doubt it unless it was a problem for you before contracting Candida. You’re having a problem digesting food because of the Candida that is in your intestines. Grape Bitters as well as well as Betaine HCL can help you with your digestion problems. You won’t need the suggested dosage on the bottle of liquid Grape Bitters, just half a dropper full will be sufficient. There are several posts on the forum where I’ve explained this.

Quote: “Also, do you think I could be developing sensitivities to these foods since I’m not eating them in a four-day rotation?”

I’ve never seen proof that the four-day rotation of food items is worth more than the time it takes to write about it. A fairly long term Candida infestation often results in numerous allergens which set off multiple allergies or sensitivities to food. These allergies really have nothing to do with the food itself, it’s all about the body’s reaction to the problems that Candida present. I plan on writing an article on the forum about this within the next week or so.

The link you posted doesn’t work, even when pasted into the web browser. Just give me the name and count of the probiotic.