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Hilmas;31061 wrote: Hello,

I have been on the Candida Diet for 6 weeks now and I was finally symptom free! However in the last few days the itchiness and redness have returned. Two weeks ago I added Raster’s bread to my diet (almond meal, coconut flour, tiff flour, buckwheat flower, eggs and olive oil). I was wondering if this may have been causing my symptoms even though I started eating it 2 weeks ago. I was happy to add the bread in because I am struggling with constant weight loss (the bread, almond butter and avocados are helping but give me bathroom struggles because of too many oils).

Here is the break down of my diet: vegetables (no carrots, tomatoes or peppers), brown rice (cakes, pasta etc), almonds and almond butter, plain Greek style yogurt, eggs, chicken 3 times a week and pork once a week. I am using stevia, salt, pepper and other herbs to season. I am taking a a pro-biotic specifically for candida (by renew life), Ionic Silver Solution — externally and internally (by Mission Falls Solution, Fish Oil (by Nutra Sea), Grapefruit Seed Extract (by NutriBiotic) and Chlorella (by Vega).

It sounds a lot like your diet is the problem, especially if you’re eating any form of rice. I would also leave out the almonds and almond butter since you’re having problems of reoccurrence. There’s a safer diet available if you want it. This is the one that most of the members are using. If you want a copy, just send me a private message.

Depending on how long you’ve been on GSE, the Candida could have adapted to it since it only takes about two weeks for them to do so.

By the way, you should definitely not be eating pork.