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cjtboy;31158 wrote: Loose stools were/are still sometimes my biggest complaint/main symptom… I recommend you go to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner/Acupuncturist who knows Chinese herbs.

Loose stools often point to an issue with the spleen and TCM descriptors like ‘dampness’ and ‘cold'(not literal, just how they describe what is going on with your body). One diagnostic tool they use, aside from pulses, is looking at your tongue. You can do this easily though it takes an expert to put the diagnosis together. Does you tongue have teeth marks/scallops on the sides like the 3rd pic in the following link? This generally indicates spleen deficiency: tongues

My symptoms at first got somewhat better on the forum diet, but then got worse and my symptoms came back after about 3 months. Based on recommendations from my acupuncturist, I stopped eating all raw foods and started eating to support my spleen (this includes some complex carbs), and took recommended herbs. I am not there 100% yet, but am making good progress and feeling better than I did on the strict forum diet.

Everyone’s infestation/sickness is different… You need to find what diet is right for you. Not the easiest thing to do – which I why I recommend seeing an expert. good luck.

Hi cjboy I would be really interested in the diet you mentioned, can you by anychance send me a link or so? my tongue has tethmarks around the sides of my tongue and would be interested in findingout who your doctor is, i believe in chinese medicine too so an expert opinin would be great oh im also in san francisco btw so i thonk you are too thanks in advace!!