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msmofish;46029 wrote: NurseTanya
You are on the road to recovery & it takes time. Do know that it gets better !

Going natural
What do you mean by this:
“Make sure you purchase activated versions.”
You were referring to B vitamin purchases but I’ve never heard of activated versions

I eat often & fish a few times a month – I may need some B’s as I was a strict vegetarian for years. My nails have been incredibly weak & peeling of late. Thinking B will help

Good question Mo, vegetarian’s absolutely have trouble getting their b’s!

Most of us on here have GI dysfunction. So, we are going to have some problems breaking down/synthesizing/utilizing b-vitamins. Hence the need for supplementation. Activated versions of B-vitamins don’t need to be broken down by enzymes (25% of us do not, via genetics, have this ability). Active b12 is methylcobalamin, active b6 is Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, active folate is Methylfolate.