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goingnatural;45991 wrote:

This is one of my worst days. I am so weak and have huge amounts of brain ofg. I am just faking it until I make it. I have been on the strict diet for 4 weeks. I am now at 6 tsp/day of EVCC, 1 capsule of the SF722, 2 garlic oil capsule, water kefire and a probiotic as well as molybedendum three times per day and candidate by native remedies.

My nine year old said “why do you never feel good?” 🙁

I need some energy.

I empathize with your story. Must be tough being a mom and hearing that. You can remind yourself that you are doing this so you CAN feel good. Unfortunately healing takes time, perserverance, and sacrifice. Short term pain (relatively) for long term gain. That’s at least how I see it.

I wonder if your nutritional needs are being met? Taking a good multivitamin? (I like MultiThera1) Taking a good b12 for energy and to help with brain fog? (I like SeekingHealth’s b12) Taking a good b-complex? (Pure’s B-Complex Plus).

I am taking a good multi by thorne. I am not taking extra b vitamins though. I juice EVERY morning. Kale, romain, lemon, ginger, cucke, zuchinni. My red meat concumption is zero so mabe some ectra b vits may help.