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I’m so sorry to hear about your problem. I can tell you that most folks on here can attest to big life changes outside of a diet that need to happen for healing to take place.
For me it was cutting out my abusive mother.
It sounds to me like you may have some work ahead of you, surrounding what others think of you. Your health is WAY more important than others impressions of you. It’s your life and you have to do what’s best for you. MD’s are mostly doing what’s best for them. (I have similar doctor angst.)

That being said, I will go on to add that you will likely lose more weight. Even if you don’t, you could feel and look very sickly in April if your just starting now. It’s a big detox, and you feel crappy, your tired all the time, you can’t think straight, and you follow the diet perfectly and you still have symptoms. But, in 5 or 6 months time it’s all VERY worth it. You’ll see symptoms you didn’t even know were symptoms vanish. You’ll have a ton of energy, and a healthy positive attitude.

(disclaimer, the above statement is based on my personal experience, others may have healed in a much shorter time period)