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Hi danny,

I HIGHLY recommend the products from

Ive been taking his vitamin C, triple dosing and liver rescue 4+ for the last 3 days and i hqve to admit, something in these products are having a wonderful effect. I feel more energized and my bloating as all but dissapeared. Not to sound like an advertisement but this guy makes the top products (no synthetic materials, pesticides, herbacides or any of that crap, 100% organic materials as they would appear in nature… he even monitors the air quality in which he grows his shit to make sure there no radioactive subtance, which no one else does)

I’m sure he has a digestive aid along with some other products you might find helpful. the only downside, is since he grows all his materials under the strictist of conditions and adds NOTHING to his products (no cellulose, no binders or fillers) his products are a bit pricey, but I challenge you to find a better product.

I dont mind advertising for this guy because of the utmost quality he gives, I wouldnt buy from anyone else, unless he doesnt sell whatyour looking for

Another possibly good product although I havent tried it yet might be digest gold, its recommended by Dr Ohhira, as we know makes one of the most efficient probiotics. of course.on the candida diet you probably want something with either cellulase (candex?) or ox bile.

I’ll shut up now, but seriously go have a look.