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Hi, Diane.

“A: always after a meal”
“D3: same as above, what else can I take with this besides the oxbile?”

A, C, D, E, (if you’re taking this), calcium, plus the oregano oil and Molybdenum can all be taken together.

“Calcium Zinc Magnesium always after a meal, even if its one slice of bread?”
How big is the slice? (Smiles) Calcium simply absorbs better with food, I’ve never found research that says a specific amount of food is needed.

“garlic pills, oil of oregano after a meal”
These can be taken shortly after the vitamins. In other words, they don’t have to follow the meal immediately, unless they’re easier on your stomach that way.

Digestive Grape bitters: after a meal

Ox Bile 125mg: after meals

Yucca Root – with food or shortly after the meal.

“Now what confuses me is that I would like to take two calcium pills per day and they must be taken with meals. I also take the Ox bile twice a day, since my liver and gall bladder seem to be over worked, I feel that it helps!”
Understand that when I say ‘after a meal’ the supplements can be spread out over about a half hour to 45 minutes following a meal, in other words, not all of the supplements must be taken ‘immediately’ following the meal. The ones to take immediately after a meal are the oil soluble vitamins, Grape Bitters, and calcium.

“The molybdenum (125mg), how many may I take?” What does the information on the label read? Normally up to three a day when the die-off is at its worse is sufficient.

“It must also be taken with food but when, together with the calcium and the ox bile?” Yes, or shortly afterwards.

“I also want to take 4 to 5 garlic pills a day sometimes I take 2 a go with meals, once again together with what may I take them?” They’re fine taken shortly after any vitamins.

“Does the oil of oregano work against any of these supplements, just to give an eg, today after dinner I took an oxbile, 2 garlic pills, then the digestive grape bitters then the oil of oregano!”

Take the Grape Bitters immediately after your meal in order to help digest it. Considering the many supplements a Candida sufferer needs to take, you have no choice but to take several together such as the above description.

“Oh yes may I have a probiotic and soon afterwards a yogurt or the kefir?”

Take the probiotic on an empty stomach; two hours after a meal or one hour before. You can even take a probiotic at night just before sleep.

“Whats the order, I am quite confused, bearing in mind that I eat 2 small meals per day with a third slightly larger meal!” I think this is covered in all the other answers.