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Hi Oliver,
I took bacillus coagulans with me on my vacation. It doesn’t require refrigeration. I’d stock up on that before you go and like Raster said, try the hard alcohol rather than beer or wine. I has most of a whiskey a couple times while on vacation without noticeable ill effects (though I tried three or four sips of tequila recently and felt like utter crap for hours, so take the alcohol very slowly.)
For the liver, I’d bring milk thistle teabags, Molybdenum and nettle leaf extract and I’d drink the tea daily and take the nettle leaf extract daily. Might or might not need the molybdenum but I’d rather have it on hand in case I started getting dieoff. I’d consider anti-fungals as well to keep the candida from resurging in case you can’t keep your carb levels down, though I don’t know if it’s less productive to take anti-fungals once you’ve gotten past the worst of the infestation and are focusing on probiotics and building up beneficial bacteria.
How is your inflammation level? If you think you might react to foods on the trip, I’d bring some supplements to support the gut — Yucca is supposed to be supportive of the intestinal lining and I take that, as well as turmeric capsules for their strong anti-inflammatory properties.
Good luck with it,