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Hello xday,

I wanted to mention that I was one of the only ones on the forum who suffered from breathing and lung related problems and candida. Basically the mold in my apartment and car was making me very very ill. I used to drive around while hyperventilating and used a brown paper bag to help me through it. I used to get very bad reactions from certain food items that would last for hours (such as rice) and would hyperventilate during these periods of time. For me, I had multiple issues going on all at the same time. The pH of my body was wrong thus the hyperventilation symptoms. I had seizures because of spinal fluid buildup and the eroding of my neurological system. I had a lot going on all at one and basically my body broke down.

One thing that somewhat cured my hyperventilation and breathing problems was to drink baking soda in water. This is a short term fix of course. The pH of your body likely needs to change and this can help it temporarily.

Be sure to check for mold in your house and clean it appropriately. This is one thing that can make you feel awful.

Before starting the candida diet, I started doing acupuncture to heal my body and this helped most of the chronic symptoms. I then eventually stopped that and learned about candida and started the diet outlined on the website (not forum). I got slightly better but it wasn’t good enough. I learned via able that drinking milk and eating rice isn’t strict enough so I changed my diet. I learned about probiotics and how they are critical for anyone’s recovery. I then started to take some vitamins, antifungals, and probiotics and continued to feel better. Eventually I had some money saved and went to a naturopath who helped me further. I’ve been on the diet ever since and am basically symptom free.

The way I look at it is that your body has become a cesspool (no offense intended) filled with toxins (from candida and other things). This has given you chronic symptoms and your lungs are detoxing these toxins (because your internal organs such as liver are not working properly). This may become ineffective eventually and then your body might detox via the skin or bowels instead. Everyone is different with how they detox but for you its via the lungs. This could lead to chronic symptoms such as asthma, etc.

Your finances are likely not very good now, especially with the medical bills and not having a job. You need to put together a basic plan to get over this and start to heal. You’ve broken down and now you’ve gotta live day by day.

Even though the symptoms become worse as you try out the diet/protocol, etc. you gotta keep in mind that there will be a day when you start to feel better. For me it was about 2-4 weeks. Some people it is 2-4 months. Either way, I would put faith in what you eat and how it is healthy (or put faith into a healthy diet). This is likely the easiest change you can make now both financially and realistically.

It saddens me to hear this and how the healthcare system is so inept. It costs so much for such poor quality care and it does nothing to cure the problem. For some people, it makes them worse or weaker. I just hope that you can get to a day where you feel good and can shake off some of the symptoms. Once I started to feel better I’ve been on the path to health ever since. I hope the same goes for you.