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I read such good reviews on Candex and Primal Defense online that I added those myself as I read Primal Defense was of a variety of probiotic that is stronger to take the place of Candida. Any quick input as to why you suggest stopping both would be great as I have a 70 dollar bottle of both currently.

Candex contains two enzymes which are not natural to humans and which we do not produce. They’re specifically cellulase and hemicellulase.

In theory, it makes sense to assume that a supplement containing enzymes such as Candex (and Candidase as well) could treat a Candida infestation because the Candida have a wall which contains cellulose and hemicellulose (note the difference in the spelling of cellulose, cellulase, hemicellulose, and hemicellulase). Therefore in theory enzyme supplements can help kill the Candida by digesting their cell walls. On the other hand these enzymes are not specific to Candida walls; they can also be found in the vegetables we eat. So the enzymes will also break down the cellulose and hemicellulose that is in these foods that we eat on a daily basis. When the fibers in vegetables are broken down, the byproduct of the enzymatic breakdown is sugar in the form of glucose which feeds the Candida infestation. Therefore all the enzymes will do is kill some of the Candida while feeding the remainder leading to an increase of the population of the infestation.
As far as removing all other supplements is concerned; I suggested this because I believe you need a fresh start meaning to start the stricter diet clean with no supplements for at least three days. The diet is so ‘clean’ that it acts as a very mild cleanse which will be good for expelling the negative toxins as well as the negative enzymes from your body.

Primal Defense is a soil organism blend of bacteria which contains neither Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 nor human origin probiotics. For these reasons I can’t see it playing a major part in a Candida protocol. However, when it comes time to add a probiotic (according to our protocol) if you wish to continue using the Primal Defense, I can’t imagine that it would do any harm.

You may want to read the post on we have on Probiotics.

Check your inbox on the forum for the strict diet.