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gtaylor;57656 wrote: Hi Joe,
Thanks for the suggestion. It does feel like depression – major blahs, but nothing over the top. I drink pau d’arco and take milk thistle supplements for liver support. I don’t know anything about NAC or molybdenum. For the last 6 or more years, I drank a lot of wine and margaritas, ate all kinds of sweats and everything bad, but, kept green veggies, salmon and other whole foods in the mix. I also took Tylenol PM – lots of it every night for years. I think my body is now coming to terms with this life change. It’s different now that I’m 42, rather than 29 the last time I did this. Thank you so much for your reply. I will research your recommendations! – Greta

Hi Greta

Well I’m in my 50s and I have to agree that these diets get harder as you get older. My guess would be that maybe you aren’t eating enough carbohydrate? I’ve just come off the 7 day vegetable cleanse and I felt apathetic the whole time – now I’m eating quinoa and buckwheat I feel a lot more cheerful. Also maybe you are just eating a really boring diet and that can be depressing in itself! I’ve just had a homemade chicken curry with cauliflower rice and homemade coconut icecream and I feel the best I’ve done all week.