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Sounds like all your problems are related to candida. I think you will find a lot of people who understand you here.
Although I think my infestation is not that extreme as others, I have some of your symptoms too. For me it’s more like anxiety and anger – but maybe that’s a difference between men and women.
Remember that candida produces a lot of different kind of toxins, whereof a certain amount can change your behavior (like ethanol). Eating a lot of sugar/caffeine can make me crazy too.
It’s okay to see a psychiatrist, as long as you don’t have to take any medication. But I’m very pretty sure that all your psychological problems are related to a candida overgrowth. Same goes for food allergies (search for ‘leaky gut’).
I’m on week 10 of the strict diet and a lot of my anxiety is gone.
Also, sugar cravings disappear a few weeks after eating no sugar at all.

Take care.