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IBS = dysbiosis. Eliminating/reducing pathogens (including candida) and restoring lost beneficial bacteria is almost guaranteed to provide a cure. If it works for much more severe bowel disorders like colitis, why not IBS too? Unfortunately, it’s a delicate, time-consuming process done through natural means, which is why your doctor doesn’t have a clue about it. No effective drug, surgical procedure or radiation therapy = no cure as far as modern medicine is concerned.

Candida is still essentially dysbiosis, so, as Able said, the protocol here could be a great place to start. Eliminating starch, sugar and vegetable oils alone can have a profound impact on gut health. I’d try starting the protocol and learning as much as I can about dysbiosis. Researching based on “incurable” labels like IBS will probably waste a lot of your time. This has been my experience with “RSI”. I’ve been reading this blog lately and find the information invaluable: Cooling Inflammation. The most important thing you can do is realise you’re unhealthy for a reason and finding and treating that reason is your path to health.