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Thomas wrote:

Hi mate,
IBS is not IBS. There are different types and each one has different solutions.
I have the book IBS the essential guide to irritable bowel syndrome its causes and treatments from Professor John Hunter. I can recommend the book to you.
If you have an IBS with constipation you will do fine with the diet here. But there is much more to the subject and I think you should get the book.
People with an overflow/malnutrition and diarrhoea IBS should NOT follow the diet here.


Thomas, I have IBS-D. How come it’s not good for me to follow the diet? I’d be happy if you could develop your statement a bit.

Hi mate,
the problem is malfermentation. If you have a IBS-D type you will not do well doing the diet here on the forum as it is high on fiber. In fact you will harm yourself doing that. But an IBS type suffering with constipation will do fine with the diet here on the forum.

I had all the candida symptoms you can think off. Read my older post. But I healed myself totally now following a low fibre diet. I eat only white bread (with anything like cheese, meat, eggs whatever, I can even eat sugar but not dark bread, nuts, seeds, and vegetables like the bean family, lentils, dried fruits.

And all the stuff I was eating here, like sauerkraut, broccoli which are high in fibre where actually feeding the existing wrong bacteria making me feel worse and worse, while I believed it was die-off and I have to fight through it. I was wrong!

Why is that? Well, what I learned from Professor John Hunter is that after a antibiotic cure it is possible to get a unbalance of bacteria in the guts. Its not only the candida which can give you trouble but bacteria. Bacteria lives from fibre.
The bacteria will ferment the fibre. In the process of fermentation it realises poison. Results of that process are the same as with candida.

After I started the low fibre diet I was free of all my symptoms after 3 to 6 days.
The first symptom to stop was brain fog. And the swollen stomach, then the stomach pains, rectal itching, anxiety, panic attacks all vanished within a week. My body came back to a state of peace and I gained 15 kg back. I dont look like any-more I am dying! My hope is back and my zeal in life. Its amazing what is coming from a fucked up bacteria balance.

If you have IBS buy Professors John Hunters book called Irritable Bowl solutions the essential guide to irritable bowel syndrome, its causes and treatments.

If you KNOW, I mean KNOW that you have Candida, do the diet here it will be good for you. But if you have your type of IBS…DONT!


Thank you for sharing your side of the story, Thomas. I appreciate it. Though I know for sure that white bread and sugar are bad for me, they give me loads of gas. I have to think this over. Maybe I could do a diet inbetween …