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macdan wrote: I am 24 and was diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome 4 years ago. I cut out all bread, meat and chicken, dairy from my diet but still suffer. I have chronic constipation, gas, bloating (sometimes I look 4 months pregnant). I have tried all types of probiotics, colonic irrigation, triphala, kiwifruit capsules and numerous laxatives for relief. Could I have Candida? I do get pimple flare ups when Im constipated as well.

Could I have brought Candida on myself though. I eat A LOT of fruit. My diet is a large fruit salad for breakfast, an orange or 2 for mid morning snack. Avocado and tomato on gluten free toast for lunch with carrots and a grapefruit and some grapes. Dinner is usually fish and salad then 2 kiwifruits and a few strawberries for “dessert” Im pretty sure I consume too much sugar and maybe too much acidic foods as well. I am going to start with Candida diet from tomorrow and really hope my bowels return to the way they were when I was younger. I am also thinking of purchasing a home enema kit as I have had loads of colonics before and think I would be fine doing it at home as it gets very expensive.

Hi mate,
IBS is not IBS. There are different types and each one has different solutions.
I have the book IBS the essential guide to irritable bowel syndrome its causes and treatments from Professor John Hunter. I can recommend the book to you.
If you have an IBS with constipation you will do fine with the diet here. But there is much more to the subject and I think you should get the book.
People with an overflow/malnutrition and diarrhoea IBS should NOT follow the diet here.