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are you taking a probiotic and having homemade kefir yet?

Yes, I’m taking Ultimate Flora (50 billion, 10 strains) since app. 3 weeks. Before that I had a low-count, low-strange probiotic for 3 or 4 weeks, the only thing I could find here. I now ordered Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics (70 billion, 10 strains) since that contains DDS-1. Is that a good choice?
I had problems with my grains, so I’m currently only drinking homemade kefir from a starter kit. I will get new grains soon, orka is so kind to share hers with me.

Your hair loss will stop once you get the infestation under control

Thanks for saying this Able, good to hear since it is scaring me quite a bit.

I’m eating buckwheat and oat bran (not too much) – would you add millet to have more variety/rotation, or is it safer to stick with the two?