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Hey sorry for the late response,
Yes I did get tested for copper and copper carrying protein called ceruloplasmin. My serum copper was normal but my ceruloplasmin (binds to and carries copper) was low. This means that there was a lot of unbound copper running around in the blood causing trouble.

Whenever we take zinc or moly, the copper that is stored in the tissues comes out into the blood. But there have to be enough transport proteins like ceruloplasmin and metallotheonein to carry them to the liver and out of the body.

The thing is that both copper deficiency and copper overload can co-exist in the body. The blood can lack copper and the tissues can be overloaded with copper. This happens when there are not enough transport proteins (due to adrenal fatigue or liver dysfunction) which are required to carry copper safely around. Free copper is toxic, so the body in its wisdom sequesters these unbound copper ions into the tissues to protect the body from free radical damage.

This excess copper however can cause all sorts of issues, ranging from racing thoughts, mental issues, even schizophrenia, to physical issues like symptoms of MS, fatigue. Copper imbalance is more common in women than in men with IUD and/or birth control use.

In fact if you have CFS, chances are that you are overloaded in copper (in your tissues) and low in copper in your blood. Taking molybdenum would have further lowered that copper in the blood. I think molybdenum also can cause iron deficiency? I am not sure. But I’ve learned from this experience to be very careful with taking single doses of minerals because it can cause imbalance easily since they are so interdependent and the ratios are more important than a single mineral.

In answer to your question, my hair loss stopped after about a week to ten days after discontinuing zinc and moly.

I would caution against taking copper, but instead would suggest replacing molybdenum with another option for detoxing help.

And since copper is used by the body to kill Candida and other pathogens (for ex. copper sulfate is sprayed on produce to kill fungi), when it is not bioavailable, Candida can more easily flourish.

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