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Have you got on the Nizoral shampoo while you are searching for an internal solution?

Hi Kyle,

I had to wait for an appointment with the doctor who prescribed the Nizoral shampoo, but now I finally have it. Used it yesterday and will continue to use it, however, after mid May I cannot use it anymore since I will live in a place in the mountains where I am only allowed to use biodegradable shampoo, and I’m afraid that two weeks might not be enough. How long did your sister use it? How long did it take until the hair stopped falling out?

Thanks raster for the info, I had actually read the same article. I also know that a form of molybdenum is used to treat Wilson’s disease, a disease where the body accumulates copper, in order to eliminate the copper from the body. However, that form used there is tetrathiomolybdate, so I guess it’s bound to sulfur, not amino acids if I’m right. In the end we can’t be sure, in each case I will update here once I get my copper test back, and will decide based on that whether to increase my molybdenum intake or not. I know that most forum members had no problem with taking molybdenum, so maybe my symptoms are just due to Candida and not to copper deficiency.